A Guide to Element Vaporizers

Element Vape

A Guide to Element Vaporizers

Element Vape is a leading e-liquid manufacturer that provides customers many different premium electronic cigarette products. If you need help deciding on something, visit our help center. Here you will discover answers to faqs (FAQs). You may also request a free of charge electronic cigarette sample, if you want. Read on below for more information concerning the different products we sell.

How do I earn 2 reward points for each dollar I spend on Element Vapor products? Each and every time vapinger.com you make a obtain the Element Vape online store, you’ll receive an item free with your purchase. Just because you make a purchase does not mean you necessarily have to pay full price; just spend $10 or more and you’ll get a complimentary item.

Is there an age verification system in place on the Element Vape website? As an associate of the e-liquid manufacturing community, we feel it is important our members are as protected as you possibly can. As such, we’ve implemented an e-liquid age verification system that checking an applicant’s age to verify that they are over the age of eighteen. If you would like to receive a free of charge sample of our newest product, all you need to do is simply complete the client service form. We’ll then deliver the new product right to your doorstep.

Where may i learn about the most recent specials and promotions for Element Vape? Keep up with the most recent news and announcements at our website. Our website also includes a blog with information on precisely what our members offer, so you’ll know when something new is coming. Additionally, our members be capable of join an e-liquid forum, where they can chat with other members of the e-liquid community.

Can I cash return from my purchase of an Element Vape? If you are thinking about receiving cash back on any of your purchases, then please e mail us. Please note that people only provide cash backs on the sale of products, rather than on the entire purchase. If you want to receive cash back on all your purchases, like the sale of an Element Vape, you need to join the monthly gift card program through our website.

What are the terms and conditions of the monthly gift cards? Much like all our products, we shall not charge customer service fees for customer support queries or questions. Additionally, if you want to have more than one Element Vaporizer, you might wish to e mail us for a multi-peer discount. All multi-peer discounts are subject to availability and are at the mercy of credit approval.

Are there any warranty or returns? At the moment, we are not able to provide customer service or product warranties for items sold through our website. However, most items are backed by an extremely limited five year warranty. When your Element Vaporizer become damaged or malfunction, or any other way, we will replace it at no extra cost to you. This warranty will not include shipping costs, as they are not linked to our products.

Is there anywhere else I could purchase my Element Vaporizer other than from this website? We are currently selling the largest selection of Element Vaporizers on the planet. We are also happy to work with retailers and manufactures in other countries, should the opportunity arise. For now, however, we are back at the beginning, and we hope that you find our vaporizers useful and enjoyable.

Will there be anything I can do to increase the warranty? At this stage, we are unable to provide any extension to the warranty on our items. If that is still included in a warranty after half a year from the date of purchase, we will replace it free of charge. When your Element Vaporizer ever become unusable during this time period or if the part to be defective, we shall replace it with a different one. During the warranty period, if you experience any problems with your vaporizer – be it for operation, maintenance or repair – you need to e mail us immediately to report the issue. This is how we can extend your warranty and keep you satisfied.

Will there be a place I could get information about the various models of Element Vaporizers? Once you purchase an Element Vaporizer, you’ll receive a detailed list of all available models. You will also see how much each model is priced. This info are listed on the web site, and you can always contact customer service should you have any other questions. In addition, if you would like to customize your unit, it is possible to choose which parts you would like. You should be able to select vaporizers that are similar to the ones offered by other companies.

Will there be ways to obtain additional warranty information? Unfortunately, at the moment, we are struggling to offer additional warranty info on our vaporizers. However, if you would like to upgrade to a newer model, or want to buy an extended warranty for it, please feel free to contact us. As always, in the event you encounter any problems with your Element Vaporizer, you need to report these issues to us immediately. This is the only way we can keep your satisfaction guaranteed.